The mining industry is vital to the Upper Hunter’s economy and the thousands of miners living in the region are important members of the local community. 
As the Upper Hunter’s mining industry has grown, it has brought both benefits and challenges for the region’s people, the environment and economy.
The Upper Hunter Mining Dialogue was established in 2010 by the region’s miners, in coordination with the NSW Minerals Council, to address concerns in parts of the community about pressure on infrastructure and services, land rehabilitation, water, affordable housing and air quality.
The Dialogue brings together nine coal producers from the region, including Bengalla Mining CompanyBHP, The Bloomfield GroupGlencoreMalabar Coal, MACH EnergyMuswellbrook Coal Company, Peabody Energy, and Yancoal, as well as community and business leaders, environmental groups, residents, regulators and other industries.
It’s a collaborative effort, determining the biggest priorities for the local community, understanding their concerns and working together to develop and implement solutions to their top priorities.
From over 80 ideas to minimise the cumulative impacts of mining in the region, the groups involved in the Dialogue agreed on a top ten, which included a water study for the Upper Hunter, development of an integrated rehabilitation plan and industry and local government joining together to advocate for greater funding for the region’s infrastructure. These ideas are the basis for series of targeted projects which we are now delivering, to help reach the five year goals agreed between local miners and the community. Joint working groups from industry and the community are advising and guiding the development of these projects and you can follow their progress on our latest project page
The Upper Hunter Mining Dialogue is a different approach and at times it is challenging. However, working together in this way is improving communication between industry and the community by fostering a better understanding for everyone involved about how the mining industry works.

The following poster provides a brief overview of the Dialogue and how Industry and the Community are Working Together: click here to view/download poster