Land Management Resources

The Upper Hunter Mining Dialogue has developed several land management education resources for Upper Hunter stakeholders. These resources will help to improve community understanding of how mining operations in the Upper Hunter work to rehabilitate mined land to a safe and stable landform, and how rehabilitation is regulated by the NSW Government to ensure quality outcomes for the Upper Hunter communities. Please see below for more detailed posters outlining the key components of the Dialogue’s land management projects.

  • Mining’s Hidden Face: Rehabilitation could be described as the hidden face of mining in the Upper Hunter, as aim of good rehabilitation is to make the formerly mined land look as “natural” as possible. 
  • Rebuilding the Land: Rehabilitation is rebuilding or regenerating mined land to a safe and stable landform. 
  • Rules of Rehabilitation: All mines follow a cycle beginning with exploration and moving on to government approval, production and closure. 
  • Security for the Future: Rehabilitation of mined land is planned long before mining begins and continues well after mining has finished. 
Grazing Study:
  • Grazing Study: An Upper Hunter Mining Dialogue trial of grazing beef cattle on rehabilitated mining land shows rehabilitated mined lands can be used as commercially productive pasture after mining has ended.
  • Synoptic Plan:
    Vision for the Future: The Upper Hunter Mining Dialogue is taking a leading role in the development of a new vision for the future of the Upper Hunter.