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There are hundreds of companies in NSW that contribute to the mining sector through their business activities. But members of the NSW Minerals Council also have the ability to help shape the industry’s priorities and the policies and regulations that affect the industry.
As a member of the NSW Minerals Council, you will make a meaningful contribution to a strong and sustainable mining industry and help ensure that the leading advocate for mining-related businesses in NSW has your input.
There are many benefits to joining the NSW Minerals Council, including discounts for industry events, access to key research information and industry best practice guidelines, and exclusive opportunities to network with colleagues and business and community leaders. 

There are two types of membership:

Full Members 

This is available to coal, metalliferous and other mineral and extractive material producers, mine operators, exploration companies, mineral processing companies and companies developing new mining projects. 

Associate Members

This is available for mineral explorers or producers with no facilities in NSW or no planned projects. It is also available to any company that is associated with the industry or is a supplier to the NSW minerals sector or that has an interest in the industry through its investments.

Please get in touch to find out more about becoming a member of the NSW Minerals Council.

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