Upper Hunter Mining Dialogue Steering Committee and Working Groups meet

The Upper Hunter Dialogue’s Joint Advisory Steering Committee (JASC) and various Working Groups met this week for the final round of 2023 meetings.

It was a special JASC meeting as we farewelled the Dialogue’s Chair, Sarah Withell, who is stepping down after nearly 5 years.

As the longest serving Chair of the Dialogue, Sarah was acknowledged and thanked for her significant contribution through other working groups during her tenure.

The committee also welcomed the new Chair, John Watson (Director Environment and Community Glencore Coal). John has been a member of the JASC since 2019 and a member of the Dialogue since its inception in 2010.

The Dialogue secretariat provided an update on a number of environmental projects, including last month’s Pasture Restoration Field Day, and also updated members on a recently published 2021/22 air quality analysis update, and upcoming annual water use and rehabilitation progress annual reports for the 2022 calendar year.

The Secretariat shared a range of new infographics that have been developed to support and enhance the reporting of the 2022 Rehabilitation, Water Use and Air Quality Monitoring results. The infographics are intended to make the information more accessible to stakeholders and easier to understand for a wider audience.

The Committees were also updated on work that is progressing to address recommendations and actions arising from the recent review of the Dialogue’s Engagement and Communications Review. 

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