Air Quality

Managing and minimising air quality impacts for the Upper Hunter

Dust emissions generated from mining activities can present a serious issue to those who live and work in the Upper Hunter if they are not closely monitored and effectively controlled.

Managing air quality impacts continues to be a priority for the Dialogue, and we are working to improve and preserve the health and safety of the communities in which mining operates.

Air Quality is a key environmental focus of the Dialogue and we work to address issues and concerns raised under this theme via two objectives:

  1. Develop a better understanding in the industry and the community of mining related emissions.
  2. Encourage mining operations to achieve consistent and continuous improvement of mining related emissions levels that demonstrates best practice and meets operational excellence.

There are several projects underway to achieve these goals:

  1. Analysis of Upper Hunter Air Quality Monitoring Network Data
  2. Community Weather Forecasting Projects
  3. Air Quality Information Resources

The Dialogue has also developed a range of Air Quality, Emissions & Health Resources, as well as working with relevant Government Departments to promote their resources to our stakeholders.

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