Upper Hunter Water Information Resources

The Dialogue is a key stakeholder in vital water resource projects to provide the community with information about mining and potential for water impacts.

The Dialogue has been actively involved as a participant in providing feedback on two key government projects to increase awareness of water resources.

See below for additional information on the Dialogue’s involvement in important water-related projects.

Bioregional Assessments

Following workshops with key stakeholders, including the Upper Hunter Mining Dialogue, across the bioregional assessment regions, the Australian Government has released several bioregional assessments.

A new map-based component of the Bioregional Assessment Program website titled ‘BA Explorer’ is now able to display information about how groundwater levels and surface water flows might change as a result of coal seam gas and coal mining development in a particular region. Users may also review potential impacts on landscape classes and on water-dependent assets.

Results for the Hunter subregion are now available on the BA Explorer, as well as the Maranoa-Balonne-Condamine (MBC), Galilee, Gloucester and Namoi regions.


Common Ground

In 2016, the NSW Government released the Common Ground data visualisation mapping tool, which is the result of collaboration between community, industry and the NSW Government.

Common Ground provides users with clear explanations of mining and production titles, and provides a description of the roles of community and government in the decision making process for any proposed activity.

Since launching, additional features such as new map layers, water monitoring information and water sharing plans have been added to Common Ground to enhance the user experience following stakeholder feedback, including advice from the Dialogue Environment Working Groups.


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