Catch up on all ‘The Dialogue’ latest with the November 2020 newsletter

As we near the end of a momentous 2020, it is timely to reflect on the Dialogue’s accomplishments in this most difficult of years. Despite the challenges and impacts that COVID-19 has had on the Dialogue’s community events and school tour activities scheduled throughout 2020, we have been fortunate to continue our engagement with stakeholdersLearn more Catch up on all ‘The Dialogue’ latest with the November 2020 newsletter

Procurement Process

The table below showcases a generic process outlining typical steps that suppliers can expect from engaging in a tendering process with a mining company. Please note that procurement varies greatly across mining companies. What may be a requirement to do business with one company may not be a requirement with another. Please visit each companyLearn more Procurement Process

Past Project Theme – Social Impacts and Infrastructure

When the Dialogue was established in 2011, there was significant community concern that the sharp growth of the Upper Hunter’s coal sector was putting pressure on some infrastructure, services and the availability of affordable housing. The Dialogue established a Social Impacts and Infrastructure theme to address these concerns, with several projects undertaken to address specificLearn more Past Project Theme – Social Impacts and Infrastructure

Community Events

The Dialogue attends community events and open days across the Upper Hunter throughout the year to share information on projects and activities, and answer questions from our stakeholders. With its educational display in tow, the Dialogue attends community events and open days across the Upper Hunter and beyond including the Upper Hunter Show in Muswellbrook,Learn more Community Events

Forum Events

The Dialogue’s regular forum events provide an opportunity to engage in meaningful discussions with our community stakeholders and hear feedback on issues of importance in the Upper Hunter. The Dialogue regularly hosts a community ‘Forum’ event to connect with Upper Hunter residents, businesses and other key stakeholders and ensure that we continue to focus onLearn more Forum Events

Upper Hunter Rehabilitation Information Resources

Helping to improve stakeholders understanding and awareness of rehabilitation in the Upper Hunter The Upper Hunter Mining Dialogue has developed several education resources regarding our land management and rehabilitation projects for Upper Hunter stakeholders. These resources will help improve community understanding of how mining operations in the Upper Hunter work to rehabilitate mined land toLearn more Upper Hunter Rehabilitation Information Resources

Beneficial Reuse of Voids

The Dialogue has researched a variety of potential beneficial post-mining land uses for mine voids that will benefit Upper Hunter communities in the future. One of the long-term community concerns associated with mining in the Upper Hunter is what will happen to the mining assets once active mining ceases in the region? To better understandLearn more Beneficial Reuse of Voids

Rehabilitation and Land Use

Rehabilitating mined land to leave a long term positive legacy The Dialogue is working to ensure that Upper Hunter is left with a positive legacy for future generations and that land disturbed by mining is rehabilitated during operations. Prioritising and undertaking quality progressive rehabilitation throughout the life cycle of mining will help provide local communitiesLearn more Rehabilitation and Land Use

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